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The Sims 4 : Lee Taeyong NCT [CC List]

심즈4 : 엔시티 이태용 심만들기 The Sims 4 : NCT Lee Taeyong (Create A Sim)

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Sims CC's :

  • Skintone (Base) : MSBlue_SkintoneSetV3 (DL)

  • Skin Detail (Crease Forehead) : IHAEHAE Facemask (DL)

  • Skin Details (Crease Mouth) : HESS K Face Skin V1 (DL)

  • Skin Details (Dimple Right) : Praline Sims Nosemask N02 (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Cheek Right) : PS_MouthCorners02 (DL)

  • Skin Detail (Freckles) : S-Club WMLL TS4 Asian Facemask 1.0 (DL)

  • Eyes (Base Color) : DFJ KellyHB5 Encore Eyes Default (DL)

  • Eyes (Facepaint) : HESS Eyes RB (DL)

  • Eyebrows : PS_Eyebrows_N90Shaved (DL)

  • Eyeshadow (Makeup) : MrAnalot Idol Eyeshadow (DL)

  • Eyeliner (Makeup) : S-Club WM TS4 Eyeliner 04 (DL)

  • Lips (Lipstick) : Remus Sirion Lipstick 112 Cytokine (DL)

  • Hair : Ade Darren (DL)

  • Mods : NO EA LASHES (DL)

Clothes CCs :

  • [x]

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