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The Sims 4 : Kim Jungwoo NCT [CC List + Tray Files Download]

Updated: Mar 11

심즈4 : 엔시티 김정우 (심만들기) Sims 4 NCT Kim Jungwoo Create a Sim

※ 안녕하세요 심티즌입니다! 오늘 영상으로, 저는 심즈4에서 김정우님을 만들었어요.

사실 정우 심은 전에 만들어 놓은 심이 있어서 다시 만들기 조금 걱정되기도 하고 했는데, 전에 만들어 놓은 심보다 예쁘게 나와주어서 만족하네용

그러니까 영상 끝까지 봐주시고용~

영상 재밌게 보셨다면 좋아요, 구독 눌러주세요 감사합니다!

댓글은 저에게 힘이 됩니다~

※Hi, I'm simtzen~

Today I'm making President Jungwoo (member with the best hair!). Actually, I already made him before, but I wasn't that satisfied. Hopefully I improved? I feel like I did. It looks more real now?

Anyways, please watch it til the end~ I added some fun clips there.

If you enjoyed watching my video, please like and subscribe~ Thank you! ^^ I also love reading your nice words~

DL this sim on my PATREON (early access)


( Will be available for Download through the Members Page after 3 weeks )

UPDATE [08/11/2020] : Now available to the PUBLIC


( No adfly, but you have to be a member of the site to download. )

❖ TOU: Do not claim as yours. Please credit me if you'll post or make a video using this sim. Please respect this sim. Thank you and enjoy! ^^


Sim CCs:

  • Skintone (Base) : SIMSINSPRING_Genetic-HumanSkin_BNatural-Pale04.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Dimple Right) : Bobur Eyebags 06.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Dimple Left) : GPME Hair line V1.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Cheek Right) : PS_MouthCorners03.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Cheek Left) : obscurus_nosemask_N10_overlay.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Lip Right) : x

  • Skin Details (Mole Lip Left) : RemusSirion_Nosemask-SkinDetail.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Crease Forehead) : MsBlue_BeautySkinMaleV2.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Crease Mouth) : x

  • Skin Details (Freckles) : GPME-GOLD Skintones M2.package (DL)

  • Face : x

  • Eyes (Base Color) : x

  • Eyes (Facepaint) : PS_Eyes_N137.package (DL)

  • Eyebrows : ALGU_EYEBROWS(M)_11.package (DL)

  • Eyeshadow (Makeup) : obscurus_eyelids_N11.package (DL)

  • Eyelashes (Glasses) : x

  • Eyeliner (Makeup) : ALGU_EYELINER_11.package (DL)

  • Lips (Lipstick) : GPME-GOLD Natural Lips CC11.package (DL)

  • Blush (Makeup) : PS_BlushN64_NoseShadow.package (DL)

  • Hair 1 : Kiro_Yooyeon Hair.package (DL)

  • Hair 2 : MUSAE_Trauma.package (DL)

  • Hair 3 : sclub_ts4_hair_n54_Leon .package (DL)

  • Hair 4 : [Osoon] Male Hair 02.package (DL)

  • Tattoo : obscurus_hairline_N1.package (DL)

  • Mods : NO EA LASHES (DL)

  • Mods (Teeth) : [MB] Human teeth.package (DL)

Clothes CCs:

  • Upper Body (Shirt) : [Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla] Shirt Layered String Hoodie(1).package (DL)

  • Upper Body (Shirt) : [Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla] Open Shirts.package (DL)

  • Upper Body (Shirt) : MarigoldMTopTuckInShortSleevesTop.package (DL)

  • Upper Body (Shirt) : [Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla] V-Neck Knit with Turtleneck.package (DL)

  • Lower Body (Pants) : [Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla] Pants 12.package (DL)

  • Lower Body (Pants) : [Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla] M.Pants 01.package (DL)

  • Lower Body (Pants) : Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla Pants 16.package (DL)

  • Accessory (Necklace) : x

  • Accessory (Glasses) : x

  • Accessory (Earring) : x

  • Hat (Beret) : x

  • Shoes : Darte77_AdidasGazelle.package (DL)

  • Shoes : MMSIMS CB Thunder Sneakers.package (DL)

  • Shoes : kiro_new balance 574 classic.package (DL)

  • Shoes : MAUVEMORN_JH_ChelseaBoots.package (DL)

❖ Note : I don't have full control of CC links that aren't mine. Some links may no longer work in the future because of the CC Creators' choice.

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