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The Sims 4 : Hyunjin STRAY KIDS [CC List + Tray Files Download]

Updated: Jan 1

Update 091320 : Now available for public DL. Previously on Early Access in my Patreon.

다운로드 : 심즈4 스트레이 키즈 황현진

심즈4 : 스트레이 키즈 황현진 (심만들기) The Sims 4 : Stray Kids Hwang Hyunjin (Create a Sim)

오늘 영상으로, 저는 심즈4에서 황현진을 만들었어요.

그는 믿을 수 없을 정도로 훌륭한 이목구비를 가지고 있어요.

어떻게 사람이 이렇게 흠잡을 데가 없을까요? 3시간 동안 그의 신과 같은 모습을 그려내는 것은 영광이었습니다. 황현진씨, 앞으로도 매일 내 눈을 축복해주세요. 감사합니다~

In today's video I create Hwang Hyunjin in the Sims 4. He has unbelievable features...

How can a person be this flawless? It was an honor staring at his photos for 3 hours straight and copying his god-like features. Hwang Hyunjin, you bless my eyes everyday. Thank you!

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공개 전 CC+심즈에 대한 조기 다운로드 권한. 광고 없는 다운로드 권한.

Available for Public Download in 3 weeks.

이 파일은 3주 후에 누구나 다운로드할 수 있습니다.

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✧Sims Download TOU✧

Do not claim my work as yours and/or upload it elsewhere.

Please credit me if you'll post or make a video using this sim.

Please respect this sim as this sim is based from an actual person.

심즈 다운로드 TOU

이 작품의 소유권은 저에게 있습니다. 동의없이 타 사이트에 업로드하지마십시오.

이 심즈를 이용해서 동영상을 올리거나 만들려면 제 채널을 언급하거나 저에게 크레딧을 주세요. 이 심즈를 존중해 주세요.

[ Custom Content List ]



모든 CC 크리에이터들에게 감사합니다.

Note : I don't have full control of CC links that aren't mine. Some links may no longer work in the future because of the CC Creators' choice. 일부 링크는 CC 크리에이터에 의해 삭제되었기 때문에 더 이상 작동하지 않을 수 있습니다.

Sim CCs:

  • Skintone (Base) : J2 SkinTone N1.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Dimple Right) : PS_NoseN03.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Dimple Left) : obscurus_eyebags_N3(1).package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Cheek Right) : PS_MouthCorners03.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Cheek Left) : obscurus_nosemask_N9.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Lip Right) : [shendori]Faceoverlay_n2.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Lip Left) : GPME-GOLD-Face-Contouring.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Crease Forehead) : [9393] Faceskin_N02(1).package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Crease Mouth) : [Kijiko]eyelash_YU_version2_Uncurled_SkinDetail.package (DL)

  • Skin Details (Freckles) : Bobur Inner corner 01.package (DL)

  • Face : x

  • Eyes (Base Color) : x

  • Eyes (Facepaint) : [Osoon]OS-Eye15.package (DL)

  • Eyebrows : [CCM] eyebrow_idol basic.package (DL)

  • Eyeshadow (Makeup) : obscurus_eyelids_N11.package (DL)

  • Eyelashes (Glasses) : x

  • Eyeliner (Makeup) : [9393] Eyeliner_N07.package (DL)

  • Lips (Lipstick) : MMSIMS Lips Calliope.package (DL)

  • Blush (Makeup) : ALGU_CONTOURING_01.package (DL)

  • Hair 1 : WINGS HAIR TS4 ON0218 M.package (DL)

  • Hair 2 : WINGS HAIR TS4 ON1220 M.package (DL)

  • *Additional Hair : God's Menu by SIMTZEN (DL)

  • Tattoo : obscurus_hairline_N1_1.package (DL)

  • Tattoo : (Parise)FullBodyBlush.package (DL)

  • Tattoo : FACE MOLE by SIMTZEN UNDER EYE TATTOO version 2.package (DL)

  • Mods : NO EA LASHES (DL)

  • Mods (Teeth) : [MB] Human teeth.package (DL)

Clothes CCs:

  • Upper Body (Shirt) : [MINI] Men's Top and Bottom set_Mtop.package (DL)

  • Upper Body (Shirt) : Kiro_TechFlavor Crop Jacket.package (DL)

  • Lower Body (Shirt) : 001StudioK-giruto56_JoggerSportLongPant.package (DL)

  • Lower Body (Shirt) : [MINI] Men's Top and Bottom set_Mtop.package (DL)

  • Accessory (Necklace) : Kiro_TechFlavor cross necklace.package (DL)

  • Accessory (Earrings) : [Lemon] metal ring piercing.package (DL)

  • Accessory (Wrist) : Pralinesims_Mask_Fandom1_Down.package (DL)

  • Hat (Beanie) : MMSIMS Magpiesan Beanie.package (DL)

  • Hat (Bucket Hat) : BED_TS4 M bucket hat.package (DL)

  • Shoes : [Lemon] NIKE HUARACHE GRIP M.package (DL)

  • Shoes : MMSIMS CB Thunder Sneakers.package (DL)

❖ Note : I don't have full control of CC links that aren't mine. Some links may no longer work in the future because of the CC Creators' choice.

Files installation instructions

심을 다운로드 받는 법


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Game Version 게임 버전 :

EA ID : Simtzen

↳ Business Contact 비즈니스 문의 : simtzen@gmail.com

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