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The Sims 4 : EXO Kai [CC List]

심즈4 : 엑소 - 카이 (심만들기)

❖ DL this sim from the Sims Gallery: #SIMTZEN

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❖ DL this sim through Mediafire (adfly) here : (DL) or (DL)

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↳ Download on Mediafire.

↳ Unzip files.

↳ Put the files on [Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray] folder

❖ TOU: Do not claim as yours. Please credit me if you'll post or make a video using this sim. Please respect this sim. Thank you and enjoy! ^^


Sim CCs:

  • Skintone (Base) : MsBlue_SkintoneSetV3 (DL)

  • Skin Details (Dimple Left) : GPME-GOLD-Hairline-G4 (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Cheek Left) : Pralinesims_yfMakeupLipstick_Glossy_CoralBright (DL)

  • Skin Details (Mole Lip Left): SclubWM_yuSkinDetail20150127 HS C_MoleLtLip (DL)

  • Skin Details (Freckles) : [nananini]Eyebag 04 (DL)

  • Eyes (Facepaint) : GPME Kpop Style Set - Brown eyes (DL)

  • Eyebrows : obscurus_eyebrows_15 (DL)

  • Eyeshadow (Makeup) : obscurus_yfMakeupEyeshadow_BlendMauve (DL)

  • Eyeliner (Makeup) : obscurus_ymMakeupEyeliner_Cat_Black (DL)

  • Lips (Lipstick) : obscurus_lips_N4 (DL)

  • Blush (Makeup) : Katverse_Contour_CTR01_blush (DL)

  • Hair 1: musaechan_ymHair_MediumLong_Blonde (DL)

  • Tattoo : Katverse_yfTattoo_ArmLtUpperBand (DL)

  • Mods : NO EA LASHES (DL)

Clothes CCs:

  • Upper Body (Shirt) : [Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla] Pajama Shirts (DL)

  • Lower Body (Pants) : [Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla] M.Pants 01 (DL)

  • Shoes : MMSIMS_ymShoes_AnkleWork_Black (DL)

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