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Public Download Sims 4 CC : BLACKPINK Rosé "How You Like That" Performance Clothes

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Previously on Early Access in my Patreon, now out for Public Download.

해당 CC의 저작권은 저에게 있습니다.

Please follow my TOU.


✧CC Download TOU✧

Redistribution or modification of the item is prohibited.

When distributing sims including my CC, please do not share the package file directly

and please give me proper credits.

CC아이템 다운로드 TOU

해당 아이템은 재배포 , 수정을 금지하고 있습니다.

해당 아이템을 포함한 심 배포시꼭 출처를 밝혀주시기 바랍니다.

패키지파일을 직접 공유하지 말아주세요.

Thank you and enjoy!

감사합니다... 즐겨주세요!

1 Piece : Rosé Frilled Denim Shorts & Top

↳ (No Ads : Patreon) Download

(Members Only) Download

↳ Rest of the CC's here CC List

Top : Rosé Dance Performance Hoodie 1 Arm

↳ (No Ads : Patreon) Download

(Members Only) Download

↳ Rest of the CC's here CC List

블랙핑크 로제 심즈4 "How You Like That" 댄스 클립 + 촬영장 비하인드로제 룩북 ver 2

Opening Clip for BLACKPINK Rosé Sims 4 "How You Like That" Lookbook + Bonus Scenes

❖ 나의 심즈4 갤러리 사용자명Simtzen은 입니다. 너는 # SIMTZEN를 이용해서 나를 찾을 수 있어요.

Find me in the Sims Gallery: "#SIMTZEN" (Make sure to enable Custom Contents in your View Content By Settings.)

❖ Downloadable Sims : [ https://bit.ly/2UJic49 ]

❖ Animation by : Dance | Poses by giftkyakuz [ https://www.youtube.com/user/giftkyakuz ]

❖ 일부 링크는 CC 크리에이터에 의해 삭제되었기 때문에 더 이상 작동하지 않을 수 있습니다.

I don't have full control of CC links that aren't mine. Some links may no longer work in the future because of the CC Creators' choice.

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