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My sims look green or mannequin-like [FAQ | SOLUTION]

I've been getting questions about my NCT Mark and Jaehyun sim that I shared both in the gallery and through Mediafire, turning green or looking like mannequins when they try to change their clothes in Create a Sim mode or when their clothes automatically change in the game. In some cases, townies also run around looking like shiny mannequins.

This is due to this CC : Mannequin Realistic Skintone by vojehobuw

To solve this simply remove the CC from your Mods folder.

↳ Make sure your game is not running.

↳ Go to your Documents folder

↳ Look for the 'Electronic Arts' folder > click 'The Sims 4' folder > click 'Mods' folder

↳ Type in the search box the following :


↳ Delete all the files with the same name. Usually there are three of those. Make sure every last one was deleted from your Mods folder.

↳ Run your game again. Go to Create a Sim mode. Load my Mark / Jaehyun sim. You will be informed that some CC's used for them are no longer available. Just clicked OK and you're good to go.

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