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I updated my Website!

Actually, I'm still on the process of tweaking it some more.

But here's what's new with it:

1. The site is now easier to navigate, I also removed the videos that auto play upon loading to avoid lags and crashes.

2. My content can now be downloadable through 3 means: the Sims 4 Gallery, through links that are accessible after viewing adfly for 5 sec, or the latest one - becoming a member in my website. Don't worry it's free, just takes a few seconds to sign up.

3. As promised, I am now uploading my own custom content creations in the site (for members only).

4. Site members will also get access to some of the sims I haven't shared for the public yet.

5. I plan on ditching adfly for my future downloads (because I am tired of complaints from some people) and just putting all my content for members only in the website. makes it easier for both of us - I can manage who gets access and you no longer have to deal with re-directs / pop-ups.

6. Lastly, I finally fixed the blog categories. I tagged the group names (idol group) now too, for easier access when looking for the cc lists.

❖ If you wanna check out the website here's the link : https://www.simtzen.com or you know... just click whatever on the menu above~

Please note this is still a work in progress. Thank you!

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